Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Blogging 2.0

To past and future readers: Welcome.

I have been blogging for many years now—most recently here on Blogger and Open Salon. And though I have always enjoyed the experience I have found the energy to keep constant blog posts lacking.

This is an attempt to rectify that patchy performance.

I am starting my blog(s) afresh. I have deleted older posts to motivate myself to action. (So to speak.) So this is a re-launch of sorts.

In future I hope to inject a tiny bit of focus to my posts. As a young American living in England--an American taken by Europe and its regions, its cultures, its languages, its history, its art and its politics--I will often be posting about European issues, or at least from a foreign/European perspective. Of course that perspective is still my own, with all the prejudices, intellectual markers and social mores I've inherited from my parents specifically, and from American society generally. Perhaps that should give it a distinct flavour all together.

In the event I shall also be posting regularly about legal matters as a lawyer by training. This shall mostly be restricted to my Blogger account, as I wouldn't wish to burden Open Salon readers with overly technical/wonkish posts about the intricacies of English or European legal thinking. But I might digress every so often from that rule.

So there we have it.

First real post coming soon.

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